IBM Blades vs HP Blades

If you have reached this page you are more probably already decided on using Blades, but still can’t solve the puzzle of HP Blades versus IBM Blades as they are the two main blades vendors and highly competing to win their share of the blades market. If so you are the the right place as you can find a very good comparison at IBM Blades versus HP Blades

In this post we are allowing you to discuss and comment on our IBM Blades versus HP Blades comparison posted at our site.

Please share your opinion with us. Feel free to point out any mistake or point you disagree with & make sure you point out why you disagree or prove why its wrong for us to investigate it. Please leave a comment with any new update that affect our comparison.

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5 Responses to IBM Blades vs HP Blades

  1. Michael says:

    I was reviewing your comparison and noticed that you said IBM Blades are limited to 7 blades with hot swap drives. I believe that has changed with the HS22 blades. Those have hot swap drives which would bring the blade total up to 14 blades per chassis with HS HDD’s

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Michael,

    Please note all of the IBM Blades comparisons have been updated. It took us time to update them as we have been working on moving them to our new template.

    ITComparison Team

  3. Jarle says:

    Will you be comparing “HP Virtual Connect Ethernet Flex-10” switches vs. “IBM BNT Virtual Fabric Ethernet” switches anytime soon?
    Also, you do get SSD drives in the HP BL49x series.
    Thanks for a very good independant comparison site!


  4. Sid says:

    HI I would like to get some information regarding comparision between Fujitsu Balde and Dell Blade with vmWareon it… Can u Help?

  5. Terry IT says:

    Great job. Give us more. Every visitor will benefit from the published addition.

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