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Embarrassing Limitations for Windows 2008 Server Core

Windows 2008 Server Core has some truly embarrassing Limitations. In this Article I will try to cover few of them. For example I read that a core installation can be used to run a web server with IIS 7 but … Continue reading

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SEO Glossary – Seo Common Terms Definitions

These days SEO Buzz words are floating on the web. To help new joiner to digest these I have compiled the following list of SEO Buzz words and tried to explain it with as much simplicity as I can. I … Continue reading

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How to Move Microsoft WSUS services to another server

Hi, Most companies who use Microsoft WSUS Services will hit the time when they will need to move the WSUS service to a new server due to capacity constrain on the old one or just to decomission an old hardware … Continue reading

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