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Xen Enterprise 4
VS VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (Xen Biased)

Please be warned this comparison is biased toward Xen. For our un-biased comparison please click Xen Enterprise 4 VS VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (Un-Biased).


           VMware          Xen
$1000 - $5750
Free - $2499
Live Migration



Required Host OS (if any)
Infra v3:Bare-Metal
Xen: Bare-Metal

Instructions are emulated

Higher when the OS support Paravirtualization as the instruction is directly passed to the hardware.
Support Sata Controllers
Limited Sata Controllers
Wide array of Sata Controllers
Drivers Support
Limited Drivers Certification
Many Linux Drivers Certifications.

Max # of CPUs per Virtual Machine

Max Memory per Virtual Machine

Max Memory per Host


4 Processors



8 Processors



64-bit Support Production Support Production Support
Open Source

No it is closed source no chance to modify the code

Yes, fully open source
Provide Free Version
False True (Express is free)
*Hot Add CPUs to Linux Virtual Machines
False True
Making use of Future windows enlightenments
No, Not yet Yes, and are waiting for it to give a blazing speed to windows Guest OS.
Primary Customer usage
85% of VMware customers use server virtualization in production1
Primarily in test/dev environments


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