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Virtualization Backup/Replication Solution Comparison:

PHD Virtual Backup & Replication vs VeeamŽ Backup & Replication


Queries the following Comparison is trying to Answer:

PHD Virtual Backup & Replication v6 vs VeeamŽ Backup & Replication v6.1

How does VeeamŽ Backup compare to PHD Virtual Backup?

Advantages & Disadvantages of PHD Virtual & VeeamŽ Replication Software.

What is better PHD Virtual or VeeamŽ Backup & Replication? How?

Independent Unbiased Comparison VeeamŽ Backup & Replication vs PHD Virtual Backup & Replication.


PHD Virtual Backup & Replication VS VeeamŽ Backup & Replication Introduction:


It is a shame that we had to actually remove the contents of this comparison to avoid a legal action by VeeamŽ Software who has threaten to take a legal action if we don't remove the content of this comparison. It was unfortunate action, as it seemed many IT Admins out there were benefiting of it and many interesting discussion were started in our blog at: ITComparison Blog.  Even certain VeeamŽ employees on our blog has cheered for it!


Although we had offered VeeamŽ the chance to participate in this comparison before we started. As well after the comparison completed we have tried to work with VeeamŽ on fixing any unfairness in the comparison, but VeeamŽ refused to cooperate at all or discuss what the comparison had missed and kept threatening the full team of a legal action if we don't take the comparison down for not getting their approval before publishing it. It is a shame that these vendors have came up to away they can filter bloggers & reviewers online publication and can force them to remove anything that is not written to their liking.


For those who still want to find this comparison, if you look online you might still find a cached version by search engines or on PDF sites as they were posted earlier by our marketing team, though you will need to catch them fast as we will be taking them down and VeeamŽ Software will be racing us to it. 


For those who find this action of VeeamŽ Software unfair, please contact your VeeamŽ representative and let them know how you feel about it or at least leave your comments on our blog at: ITComparison Blog.  


At last just a recap of our findings, that both products are great and worth testing with each of them having few unique features. You will need to test both and judge which features make more sense to your environment. PHD Virtual has proven to be a cheaper option in most cases, which will require you to evaluate if any unique VeeamŽ feature worth the extra dollars.


For those who have troubles believing that VeeamŽ has threaten us with legal action to remove the comparison, write us & we can share with you the full e-mail threads & you can judge for your self! We had never expected such a respectable vendor.


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VeeamŽ backup & Replication vs PHD Virtual Backup & Replication Blog Post:


We have done our best in comparing the two products & tried to keep it real as much as possible. In addition, we are opening a space to everyone to share their thoughts & let us know of anything we had missed in our comparison by opening a post at our blog where people can comment back with their thoughts. We welcome everyone thoughts even both vendors, as long they can stand behind it and prove it. We have our own lab setups, where we will validate every contribution. Our blog post can be found at:


PHD Virtual Backcup & Replication vs VeeamŽ Backup & Replication Blog Post


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