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We have just improved our site design, by expanding the content area as well speeding the loading of it. We are now working on propagating the design across our pages. That was the main reason for having a slower comparisons grow in the past month. We are back with a faster design and more space for contents!!!!

Virtualization Comparisons Section has been just added, which includes  comparisons or all of the leading virtualization Solutions available in the market including but not limited to VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, Xen, and KVM.

ITComparison Official Blog has been finally established. Check out our members/readers posts and comments at Official Blog. As well we are hoping to hear from you on our Blog.


IT Comparison  - 100% independent Comparisons (Overview)

Did you know that almost 90% of all products comparisons on the Internet today are either written by the product vendor, funded by product vendor(like HP, IBM, Dell, VMware, Xen, Microsoft), or aimed at selling that vendor products. Only few honest comparisons exist on the web today focusing on educating IT Professionals. That's where the idea of came from. None of our comparisons are funded neither motivated by any vendor. We reference vendors comparisons in our charts only after evaluating the competing vendors comparison and make sure they can stand for their claims. This site is created with the aim of helping IT professional in saving valuable time, resources, and money comparing products. We offer many IT Comparisons and  VS related to many IT products and solutions.


IT Comparison Team (A Little About What We Do)

IT Comparison team consist of many IT Professionals who work for several enterprise firms. Our team has first hand experience with most of the products compared on this site. IT Comparison team is working hard on keeping data on this site up to date. IT Comparison team welcome contribution, but will not publish it unless confirmed being unbiased. Our team work hard to answer our readers requests.




Site Index  
Virtualization Comparisons    
Virtualization Software Comparisons

VMware VI3 VS MS Virtual Server 2005 R2                     

VMware VI3 VS Citrix Xen Enterprise

MS Virtual Server 2005 R2 VS Citrix Xen Enterprise

Microsoft Windows Hyper-V (WSV) VS VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.5


Hardware Comparisons 
Blades Comparisons       

HP Blades vs IBM Blades


Software Comparisons            
Mail Systems Comparisons

MS Exchange 2007 vs IBM Lotus Domino 2007


Disaster Recovery Software Comparisons

Double Take vs XOsoft WANSyncHA


Operating Systems Comparisons

Mac OSX Tiger/Leopard  VS Microsoft Windows Vista

Ubuntu VS Microsoft Windows Vista

Mac OSX Tiger/Leopard VS Ubuntu



Comparisons Forums                                                     

Virtualization Comparison Forum

Hardware Comparison Forum

Disaster Recovery (DR) Software Comparisons Forum

E-Mail Systems Comparisons


Technical Forums                                             

Exchange 2007 Help Forum

VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 Help Forum


ITComparison Blog                                             

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