BS Counter

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Features include: blocking of multiple hits from the same user, insertion of commas, text-based or graphical modes, supports multiple counters from the same script, and tracks users' browsers, operating systems, and location. (requires SSI or
Activating the counter
Both bscount.cgi (text-based mode) and bsimgcount.cgi (graphical mode) have been installed into your home directory. During the installation main scripts settings, such as your domain name, pathes to images and directory where hit logs are stored, have been configured.
Now you can configure the $reload variable:
-setting the value to 1, you block counter reloads;
-setting the value to 0, you disable block counter reloads, which is the default.

To activate the counter, you need to enter the name of the page the counter will be placed on. Also, select the style of the counter, i.e. the way it will look on this page.
File name: