Fedore Core 8 on Hyper-V not so easy as it seems.

As I have been going all over the web just as many of you are and trying to discover how to install Linux on Hyper-V, I have came up across zillions of posts which talk about it, but none who gave a full details of how to really fully implement it. I like how Virtual_PC_Guy have simpilized the installation of Fedore 8 on hyper-v in his article at installation of Fedore Core 8 on hyper-v .

He had made the installation of FedoreĀ  8 on Hyper-v look so simple. Although its all the way true that you can install Fedore 8 on Hyper-V quite easily, to get the expected and claimed performance out of it is the hard part. To get paravirtualization in action and get the real performance out of it, you will have to install

1- Linux Integration components for Hyper-V

2- Paravirtualization Kernel

Doing the two above steps is not the easiest thing to do as the second one require a quite good Linux knowledge to compile the new kernel. Though unless you carry the above two step the performance of Linux hosts on Hyper-V will be so depressing and not much better than what you will get on MS Virtual Server 2005 R2.

I will be trying to document how to do the above two steps in a coming article after trying it. So keep looking.

Though if all you desire is just to get a look at installing Linux on Hyper-V and performance is not your main concern then the articled linked to at the beginning of my blog is all you need.

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