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Xen Enterprise 4
VS VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VMware Biased)


Please be warned this comparison is biased toward VMware. For our un-biased comparison please click Xen Enterprise 4 VS VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (Un-Biased).


           VMware          Xen
Component Failure
NIC teaming, HBA multipathing
Relies on Linux Support
OS/Application Outage


VMware HA

x-host VM Cluster



DRS Maint.mode

Complex Linux host clustering



Resource Shortage
VMware DRS
Not available
Server Failure
VMware HA
Complex Linux host or Guest clustering
Files Deleted
VMware Consolidated Backup
No integrated backup tools
Storage Failure
VMware Consolidated Backup
No integrated backup tools
Interrupted Live Migration
VMFS distributed file locking
No distributed FS to prevent VM corruption as it seems to depend on NFS
Cost Per VM


Support Older Servers


Only Support newer servers which has Intel-VT or AMD-V processors.

64-bit Support Production Support Limited Operating systems
OS Support

32- & 64-bit, Windows, Linux,NetWare, Solaris guests

Limited Windows, Linux guests
Mgmt OS a single point of failure?
False True (almost a linux host)
*Hypervisor just an extension to a fat OS
False True (Full Linux Kernal)
*Customer Support
Well established virtualization support Still Building their support and highly dependant on the open source community in supporting them.
Primary Customer usage
85% of VMware customers use server virtualization in production1
Primarily in test/dev environments


Requires Host OS No - Bare-Metal Installation No - Bare-Metal Installation, but it install a full Linux Kernal when its installing.
Performance High medium
Run unmodified OS yes No, Xen Hypervirsor has to be inclusion into the Linux OS and Hardware assistance required for windows Platform.
High Host OS dependant
(exposed to most linux vulnerabilities)

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