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Virtual Server 2005 R2 VS Xen Enterprise 4  (Xen Biased)

Please be warned this comparison is biased toward Xen. For our un-biased comparison please  click Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 VS Xen Enterprise 4  (un- Biased).


         Xen  MS Virtual Server
Planned upgrade/ Outage



Complex Microsoft host clustering


Cost Per VM Low Medium
64-bit Support Production Support Not Available
OS Support

32- & 64-bit Windows, Linux

Limited Windows, Linux guests
Mgmt OS a single point of failure?
False True (windows 2003)
*Hypervisor just an extension to a fat OS
False True (Windows 2003)
*Customer Support
Company Main Stream is Virtualization and all its support are concerned into that direction beside Xen are backed up by the Open Source Community. Adopted virtualization support and still building it.
Primary Customer usage
Production Ready
Primarily in test/dev environments


Requires Host OS No - Bare-Metal Installation Yes, Windows 2003 is required.
Performance High Low
Take Advantage of New Processors which include virtualization enhancement Highly Not addressed yet
High Host OS dependant
(exposed to all Windows 2003 vulnerabilities)

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