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Virtual Server 2005 R2 VS Xen Enterprise 4  (MS Biased)

Please be warned this comparison is biased toward MS. For our un-biased comparison please click Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 VS Xen Enterprise 4  (un- Biased)

         Xen  MS Virtual Server
Product Price

Free - $2499




Special Hardware Required Intel-VT or AMD-V is a must No, can run on any machine which support windows 2003.
Corporate size Xen is small newly established company Microsoft is a massive coorperate, which has been in the market for ages.
Windows Guest OS performance


Support Older Existing Server
Not unless they were new enough to have Intel-VT or AMD-V Support any hardware which can run windows 2003.
Can't run on your laptops for Demos and test and developments It can run on your laptop which enable you to take it every where.
*Fool prove installation and configuration
No, not unless you are a Linux Guru yes, just as all other MS products.
Microsoft Product Support
No, Microsoft offer full support for their prodcuts in virtual enviornment only on their virtual server
     fully supported


Requires Guest OS Modification Yes, require the inclusion of its Hypervisor in the Guest OS to perform well. Not required


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