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Virtualization Comparisons Section has been just added, which includes
comparisons for all of the virtualization applications available in the market
including but limited to VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, Xen, and KVM.

IT Comparison  - 100% independent Comparisons (Overview)

Did you know that almost 90% of all products comparisons on the Internet today are
either written by the product vendor, funded by product vendor, or aimed at selling
that vendor products. Only few honest comparisons exist on the web today focusing
on educating IT Professionals. That's where the idea of came
from. None of our comparisons are funded neither motivated by any vendor. We
reference vendors comparisons in our charts only after evaluating the competing
vendors comparison and make sure they can stand for their claims. This site is
created with the aim of helping IT professional in saving valuable time, resources,
and money comparing products.

IT Comparison Team (A Little About What We Do)

IT Comparison team consist of many IT Professionals who work for several
enterprise firms. Our team has first hand experience with most of the products
compared on this site. IT Comparison team is working hard on keeping data on this
site up to date. IT Comparison team welcome contribution, but will not publish it
unless confirmed being unbiased. Our team work hard to answer our readers