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Virtual Server 2005 R2 VS VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (Microsoft Biased)


Please be warned this comparison is biased toward Microsoft product. For our un-biased comparison please check Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 VS VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 (un-biased).


Microsoft Claimed Advantages against VMware


VMware EULA does not allow performance comparison.
VS2005 R2 Faster than VS2005 which is VMware comparing to.


uBig differences:
Price and Microsoft support (MS Virtual Server is Free)
VMware - ESX 3.0
uThree versions
ESX 3.0 Starter
$1000 / 2 cpu
ESX 3.0 Standard
$3750 / 2 cpu
ESX 3.0 Enterprise
$5750 / 2 cpu
VMware Extras- additional costs, but Microsoft will offer for free when implemented

SMP support
MS: In future, included in Windows Virtualization for free
Planned migration of VMs (1 second downtime)
MS: Planned and unplanned migration through clustering
Management: provisioning and ESX monitoring
MS: Integrate with VS pack for MOM, and SMS
Convert physical to virtual - not free
MS: VSMT is free




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